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2013 Web Design Predictions

Well, the big day is almost upon us, and so the New Year will quickly follow it, a time when many people (including business’) make a new years Resolution.

Over the last week or two we’ve been posting about the importance of planning your digital communications for 2013, but today we wanted to cover a few predictions for how our job as a Web Designer is likely to change.

We think that there will be three key changes to the approach that our customers ask us to take with their websites, all of which are likely to go hand-in-hand with the fast development of technology on the web.

RWD – Responsive Web Design

This is a definite! Responsive design started to hit the market earlier this year and has quickly caught the attention of many businesses that are serious about their online presence.

But what on earth is RWB? Well, essentially a responsive website quite simply responds to their environment. Be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet device or a smartphone, a responsive website adapts to the environment in which it is being viewed.

An adaptive website uses multiple fixed width layouts and a responsive site uses multiple fluid grid layouts, and a mixed approach of both creates a website that responds beautifully regardless of the device that is displaying it – fixed width for large and medium screens and fluid width for small.


The web has evolved so much in such a short space of time. It seems like only month ago that the web was pure content. Reams and reams of text, more information than you could ever handle.

Now, simplicity is key, presenting just the facts that you really need, supported by beautiful visual work.

Moving forward we believe that the web is going to start favoring the oversizing of key items such as titles, feature text, buttons and full-width background images.

This approach is likely to significantly increase website conversion by giving the website visitor clear unmissable instruction as to how the website owner wants them to use the site.


White Space is where 2013 is at. Simplified viewing that sees websites being de-cluttered in order to produce clearer, more focused pages that are highly relevant to the subject they are covering. Such an approach is also likely to speed up load time and push the engagement aspect of website design to a whole new level.


These are of course only predictions, but they are predicted through the trends we are already experiencing as well as from what the web has already experienced over the last few years.

The growth in provision of super-fast broadband and the greater affordability of stable internet access is a massive driving factor in how the consumer now uses the web, and as such this has a direct impact on web design trends, and ultimately how small businesses use these to grow their online presence.

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