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Things Your Web Designer Wants You To Understand, But Is Too Scared To Tell You!

Many people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to working with a web designer. Usually those expectations are in some way related to two key areas – Time and Money.

Here’s a few key things that your web designer really wants you to understand but may be struggling to get across to you:

Pretty much anything is possible

Chances are that regardless of how far fetched your idea is, it probably is more than possible to make happen, but there are two key things that will allow it to happen:

1. Time
2. Money

Than less your web designer has done exactly what you want to do before then the chances are that it will take a good amount of time to build it, and the longer it takes to build the more money it will cost.

Usually, when a web designer says “no” to something it is because they think that you are unlikely to want to foot the bill for it. But, if you really want something and they can definitely build it then ask for an honest quote to see whether you can afford it or not.

If you decide the price is right then go for it!

Web Design is not a quick process

Just because a web page may load quickly does not mean that it was quick to build. If a page is reasonably complex and loads quickly it means that it took a great deal of time and effort for the designer to put it together.

Please don’t assume that the process your web designer follows is quick or easy. If your web designer is any good then they will work with you to meet timelines, but they will also manage your expectations to ensure that you understand just how long something can take.

Generally speaking, most designers will set a timeline that gives them more than enough time to complete, and then deliver the project ahead of schedule.

This is not Print Design

It happens all the time. A customer provides their web designer with an image that they want replicated on the web. The first thing you should know when working with a web designer is that the web is just not the same a print. There are of course similar rules and practices, but they are definitely not the same.

Sadly, it is just not possible to create a website that looks exactly the same as a print copy in every browser and on every device than less you have an unlimited budget and are happy to wait a very long time.

Colour Pallets differ

A logo often uses a very specific series of colours, usually designed in the CYMK format. Sadly, computers don’t use CMYK as that’s for print. RGB is the colour format for computers, and is significantly smaller in terms of the colour schemes available to work with.

And, because every person that views a web page is likely to use a different monitor or device, it means that pretty much every single person to view your website will see it differently.

It’s perfectly acceptable to specify a colour scheme, but don’t expect to be able to hold up a swab next to the monitor and be able to match the colours precisely, it simply won’t work.

Database driven sites take time and effort

Creating a custom site that uses a database such as an e-commerce site takes a huge amount of time, patience and testing. There is far more to it than simply designing the site and uploading the files to a server.

When working on this kind of project you have to remember the first point we raised – how much time and money do you have?

If you are working on a tight budget then you are likely to need to settle for less custom work and think more about using pre-built platforms such as WordPress or OSCommerce.

Your Web Designer is a professional

Usually if you have chosen to hire a web designer it is because you need a professional to help you achieve your online goals. With this in mind please treat them with the respect they deserve and take the time to listen and understand what they tell you, as they often understand the things that you do not.

Your web designer, providing they are a good one, will do the same for you, and providing you have this mutual respect for one another then your partnership is likely to be a great and very successful one.

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