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11 Jun

Web Design Essentials

Website design and marketing is continually evolving at a rapid pace, in order to keep up with both advancements in technology and the changing behaviors of visitors.

As such your website design and marketing process will never truly be “complete”, but instead should also evolve at the same pace.

There are however a few key design and marketing “essentials” that have a proven track record. Wherever possible you should look to build these key points into your web design and web marketing campaigns.

1. If your page is wide use columns to break down text into more manageable chunks, and follow a natural reading path of left to right.

2. All images should have captions. Images of faces looking out of the page get the most attention.

3. Use Black or Dark Grey text  on light backgrounds for the best readability.

4. Use a “call to action” on the bottom right of each page.

5. Don’t use background images behind text as this causes readability issues.

6. Don’t use BLOCK CAPITALS (even in headlines)… ever!

7. Avoid using any bright red colour as this portrays “warning”.

8. Back links are essential for good SEO.

9. Use Social Sharing Icons to improve engagement and increase your reach.

10. Use a “Reviews” page rather than a “Testimonials” page.

11. Offer a free brochure etc. on your home page in exchange for a mailing list sign-up.

13. Use dense Meta tags that are fully descriptive of the content of your page, and use different Meta tags for each individual page.

14. Use keyword phrases to better match live search engine searches. These too need to be as descriptive of the pages content as possible, contain your keywords, and should not be the same for each page.

16. Use accreditations, company memberships and logos etc. to boost credibility.


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