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Here at Knavesmire IT we love producing great quality websites that are easy-to-use, simple to keep up-to-date, reliable and cost-effective. We produce websites for many different customers including individuals, non-profits, charities and commercial organisations.
We have a range of packages to suit all shapes, sizes and needs, but if you are looking for something a little bit different that we haven’t already mentioned then please feel free to contact us for a custom quote – we would love to hear from you.

Some Useful Information

The Design Process…
The most effective website designs bring your brand to life and thoroughly engage your website visitors, and every one of our designs is built with this in mind.

We start with a planning phase that researches your specific market and takes into account what your competitors are doing. We work tirelesly to understand your business and what you want to achieve from your website.

The creative phase then starts with a wire-framing process to determine the best layout format that will thoroughly engage your visitors. From here we move to a mock-up of your website design, so that you can see first hand what it will look like once the site has been built.

Next comes the build phase where we will add the bricks and mortar to your website, and once the build is completed we will ensure that it is thoroughly tested for optimum performance. At this stage we also review the site from a design and content perspective, and you will be able to request any amendments that you may require.

Finally comes the launch phase. This is the point where your website goes live for the world to see. We will set the site live and monitor its early performance, ironing out any issues as they may arise. We’ll ensure that the site is fully optimised for great search engine results and will do all the necessary leg work to register the site with key search engines such as Google.

About Website Functionality…
The key to a highly functional website is the provision of quality content and successful visitor engagement, and there are three simple questions to ask that will ensure this is achieved:

1. Who is your target audience and what EXACTLY are they looking for?

2. What content can you offer that is distinctly unique and compelling?

3. How will your users get involved?

The design of your website is essential. We ensure that your website is easy for the visitor to understand, and by that we mean that the site should not be over-bearing, should utilise white space, should contain the minimum amount of information to achieve a conversion, and should be extremely simple to navigate.

Here at Knavesmire IT we like to make a website as interactive as possible without going over-the-top. This could be something as simple as providing tabbed content, such as the very content you are reading now, or it could be through the use of forms that allow your customers to leave you online testimonials. The possibilities are endless.

We will help you to achieve the right balance of content vs. technology that will allow you to make a clear distinction between you and your competition.

Reliable Website Performance…
In this age of modern computing a website needs to perform perfectly in several ways to ensure that the visitor experience is the best it can be. Only through solid and reliable performance can a website hope to convert visitors into customers.


Your website must have a reliable foundation in the form of web hosting. If the server that your website is hosted on is not stable or reliable this can cause a great deal of “down-time” and as such this can effect your website traffic massively. Our website hosting solutions are an ideal choice for reliable web hosting in the UK.


The way your website is built is key to its overall performance. The better the architecture of the site the greater the speed of the site will be, in turn ensuring greater visitor engagement. We ensure that every website we build is thoroughly thought out so that it is built to last.


Here at Knavesmire IT we ensure that prior to launch your website is tested thoroughly for performance. We test speed, durability, usability and also ensure that key features are configured and working exactly as they should.

Conversion is the Key to Success…
When we talk about Visitor Conversion there are many possibilities for what this could mean. The definition of visitor conversion will be different depending on what you want to achieve from your website.

For some, a conversion could be as simple as getting a visitor to click on a web link in order for that visitor to view a specific page. For others a conversion might be obtained by getting a visitor to sign-up for an online mailing list. It may be that a conversion happens when a visitor makes an actual cash purchase, as in the purpose of an e-commerce website. Interestingly, many websites need to achieve more than one way of converting their visitors.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your site is built based on the type of conversion that you specifically need to achieve, and each process on the design, build and launch journey is continually focused on how best to obtain that all-important website visitor conversion.

If you are not sure exactly what kind of conversion you need to achieve then don’t worry, as we’ll be able to help you identify this during the initial planning phase of the project.

Knavesmire IT has just completed the design of our website and the end result is great. Knavesmire IT provided an excellent service which is excellent value for money. I would recommend them to anyone needing a website and web hosting

- Julie Gelder, Jewel Safety Solutions

To find out more about our website design service simply leave us your name, number and email address via our online contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. You can also contact us via our various social media profiles.

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